What is Stratis?

What​ ​is​ ​Stratis?

Developers creating apps using the Stratis blockchain are developed in the programming language C#. Developers can also use the Microsoft .NET framework. In addition to that, developers using Stratis can also take advantage of the powerful framework of Stratis as well as its APIs. Stratis is both a flexible, as well as a powerful, blockchain development platform that is designed for real-world business financial services and their needs, as well as other organisations that wish to develop, implement, and execute applications on the blockchain.

Stratis simplifies the process of creating blockchain applications, and it also accelerates the development speed of blockchain projects for programmers. Private blockchains using Stratis allow for businesses to implement their own custom blockchains for their specific needs, without requiring the massive overheads that are inherent in running their own blockchain infrastructure. The main goal of Stratis is to enable blockchain developers and to give businesses the ability to create, test and deploy blockchain-based apps easily and efficiently, without the costs and security concerns are associated with blockchain implementations that are done in-house.

The​ ​Cryptocurrency

The Stratis platform is built on the C# platform and framework. The Stratis Bitcoin Full node was created on top of the NBitcoin library, created by developer Nicolas Dorier. NBitcoin is a port of Bitcoin Core, and it was written in .NET and C#. Furthermore, Stratis also has a C++ Wallet and full node version that is based on Bitcoin Core. However, a majority of the nodes on the network will be C# nodes.

Stratis enables developers to create private blockchains that are distinct and that are specifically tailored to the needs of the business. These private blockchains, however, will be secured on the main Stratis blockchain. Private chains on Stratis will give innovators the freedom to customise their blockchain implementations for very specific needs, while at the same time the parent blockchain of Stratis will be well-developed enough to give it's users confidence in it's security. These private chains that can be created are based on the code of the main Stratis chain, and so creating side chains is completely straightforward for blockchain developers.


  • June 21, 2016: ICO for Stratis begins
  • July 26, 2016: ICO for Stratis ends, raising $675,000
  • June 3, 2017: Stratis surpasses $1 billion marketcap